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GPB's Latest

Downton Abbey Marathon

Settle in for a binge-worthy week-long marathon of all six seasons of the top PBS drama of all time. All this week beginning at 7 pm.

December 27, 2017

Today on On Second Thought

We take stock of the biggest news stories of the year, and the deeper conversations they sparked. Listen today at 9 am or streaming live at

December 27, 2017

Counting Down The Top-10 Stories From 2017: 10-6

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on the year that was for Georgia@Work.

December 27, 2017

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (And Investment) Coming To Georgia

2017 closes with a bang as more jobs and more investment comes to Georgia.

December 27, 2017

The 2018 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge Is Now Open

Calling all curious minds and problem solvers!

December 27, 2017

How The Glitch Stole Christmas: S.C. Lottery Says Error Caused Winning Tickets

The South Carolina lottery game is called Holiday Cash Add-A-Play, and the rules are pretty simple: Get three Christmas tree symbols in any vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, and you win a prize. Monday was Christmas, and some folks in the Palmetto State were feeling jolly. "I don't play the lottery that much," Nicole Coggins of Liberty, S.C., told local NBC affiliate WYFF. "Every once in a while, I'll buy a Powerball ticket, but something told me to buy a lottery ticket." She paid an extra dollar to add a play. The ticket was a winner, and she was excited. "I was calling everyone I knew, 'I won $500,' " she recounted to the station: "To test her luck, Coggins bought another ticket. " 'And it was another winner and another winner. So I thought, "Well, maybe there is something wrong with their machine. This can't be real." ' "She drove to two other gas stations with the same result, so she called her mother-in-law, Shawanna Ladd, and suggested she try playing the game. " 'I played
December 28, 2017

How Pirates Of The Caribbean Hijacked America's Metric System

If the United States were more like the rest of the world, a McDonald's Quarter Pounder might be known as the McDonald's 113-Grammer, John Henry's 9-pound hammer would be 4.08 kilograms, and any 800-pound gorillas in the room would likely weigh 362 kilos. One reason this country never adopted the metric system might be pirates. Here's what happened: In 1793, the brand new United States of America needed a standard measuring system because the states were using a hodgepodge of systems. "For example, in New York, they were using Dutch systems, and in New England, they were using English systems," says Keith Martin , of the research library at the National Institute of Standards and Technology . This made interstate commerce difficult. The secretary of state at the time was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson knew about a new French system and thought it was just what America needed. He wrote to his pals in France, and the French sent a scientist named Joseph Dombey off to Jefferson carrying a
December 28, 2017

Size (And Sound) Matters When It Comes To Bubbles In Your Sparkling Wine

Oenophiles have debated the most desirable characteristics of bubbles in champagne and sparkling wines for centuries, with most purists swearing that the smaller the bubble, the better the wine. But up until recently, few thought to listen to the bubbles themselves for answers. Scientists at the Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas in Austin normally measure the sound of inflating fish bladders and bubble curtains that dampen noise from underwater drilling. This time, they decided to listen in on champagne bubbles. "It was just nerdy curiosity," says Kyle Spratt , who led the research at UT. "Our first inclination was to drop a hydrophone (underwater microphone) into a glass and see what sort of sounds we heard," Spratt says. And, how do sparkling wine bubbles sound? With the right listening equipment, "they ring like bells," he says. And the more expensive bottle did indeed have smaller bubbles, he found. He presented his findings earlier this month at the
December 28, 2017

Putin Says St. Petersburg Blast Was Terrorism

Russian President Vladimir Putin says an explosion at a St. Petersburg supermarket on Wednesday was a terrorist act, and that another attack in the city had been foiled by the country's security service. A bomb went off in a branch of the Perekrestok supermarket, wounding at least 13 shoppers in Putin's hometown, Reuters reports : "Investigators have opened a criminal case into Wednesday evening's blast, which they say was caused by a homemade bomb packed with pieces of metal. "Russian media reports said the bomb was hidden inside a rucksack in a locker where shoppers leave their belongings and said the person who left the bomb, described as being of 'non-Slavic appearance', had been caught on CCTV." No group has taken responsibility for the explosion. A spokesman for Putin, Dmitry Peskov, would not say why authorities believed it to be terrorism, but said because the bomb was packed with shrapnel, that proved it "was a terrorist attack anyway." Investigators said the device contained
December 28, 2017
Desperate for Downton

Win A Copy Of Jessica Fellowes' New Murder Mystery Novel!

As we enjoy our Downton Abbey marathon all week on GPB, we can’t help but wonder what our favorite cast and crew involved with the series are working on next.

December 28, 2017
Georgia at Work

Counting Down The Top-10 Stories From 2017: 10-6

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on the year that was for Georgia@Work.

December 27, 2017
GPB Life and Style

Southern Chocolate Chess Pie

Chess pie is a great tradition of the South. Everyone’s grandmother has a recipe, and frankly, they’re all delicious.

December 21, 2017
GPB Life and Style

Salted Caramel Sauce

For me, there are few flavors as versatile and satisfying as caramel. This easy salted caramel sauce adds so much to a variety of desserts from warm caramel oat bars to ice cream.

December 21, 2017
Georgia at Work

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! (And Investment) Coming To Georgia

2017 closes with a bang as more jobs and more investment comes to Georgia.

December 21, 2017

Education Blogs

The 2018 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge Is Now Open

Calling all curious minds and problem solvers! The Young Scientist Challenge is now open for entries.

December 21, 2017

Kids Can Explore The Outdoors With New Plum Landing Toolkit

The Plum Landing Explore Outdoors Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to get kids ages 6 to 9 and their family and friends, outdoors and physically active while exploring nature.

December 19, 2017

An Introduction To Digital Literacy

Just because our students are "digital natives" does that mean they are digitally literate? And what does digital literacy entail, anyway?

December 12, 2017

Education Spotlight

Georgia Race Through Time

Help Savannah and Peaches beat the clock and show off your knowledge of Georgia history with GPB’s new history adventure game!

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