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Latest Great Performances Episodes

S45 Ep11: From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2018

Great Performances continues the cherished tradition of ringing in the new year with the Vienna Philharmonic with Chicago Symphony Orchestra Music Director Riccardo Muti. This year’s program welcomes new host Hugh Bonneville, best known as Robert, Earl of Grantham, in Downton Abbey. From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2018 premieres Monday, January 1, 2018 at 2:30PM EST(check local listings).

Premiere Date: January 1, 2018 | Runtime: 01:25:16

About Great Performances

Great Performances brings the best in the performing arts from across America and around the world to a US television audience. It presents a diverse programming portfolio of classical music, opera, popular song, musical theater, dance, drama, and performance documentaries.